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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  December 4, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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bundled up tonight around the bay area. good evening, everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. a freeze warning is in effect tonight for most of the bay area, as a second night of freezing temperatures sets in. here's the temperature from oakland, 36 degrees and falling fast. we have live team coverage, we'll go outside to ken wayne
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in just a moment. but first, bill martin on this winter like blast of cold air gripping the bay area. >> it was very cold this morning. it is going to be much colder tomorrow morning for much of the bay area. here are the current numbers. check out walnut creek. the reading coming in at 27 degrees at walnut creek. it's 24 in napa. how cold do you think it's going to get tonight? we're going to see numbers in the teens. we could see nappy easily get down to 19 degrees tonight. that freeze warning is excluding itself from the san francisco area right here. that's just because it's surrounded by bay and ocean. it's not going to gets a cold as places like san jose, which will be in the upper 20s tonight. san jose coming in at 28 degrees. we're looking at 19 degrees up in napa. 23 in santa rosa, and these are conservative. you're going to find temperatures into the teens. coming up, we'll talk more about this freeze warning. the coldest cities tomorrow,
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and as this system moves out, a wet system moves in, and there's a chance for snow on bay area peaks. now to ktvu's ken wayne. he's been outside tonight. talking to folks who are out there trying to stay warm. >> reporter: we're all trying to stay warm out here, frank. we pulled up here a couple of hours ago. the sign said 33 degrees. bill just mentioned 27, but it just dropped within the last few seconds to 26 degrees here in downtown walnut creek. before the night's over, it's going to be a lot colder. winter and ice skating go together. but it doesn't usually feel like it there should be real ice on the ground in walnut creek. >> i can't believe this is tonight, of all nights. it was really nice until just last night. >> reporter: a private party from a jewish synagog took to the ice. many of the participants, russian immigrants who know
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something about harsh cold winters. this guy has some advice for californians. >> you guys should man up. it's is not even freezing yet. >> quit complaining? >> quit complaining. >> reporter: at this nursery in pleasant hill, there was worry about keeping plants protected. tonight's temperatures could be a death sentence if precautions aren't taken. >> an unfortunate part of some plants that you have protected if frost aren't going to be protected from freezes. >> reporter: frost blankets were hot sellers. >> i used dish towels and pillow cases. >> they survived? >> they survived. >> reporter: a reminder to bring your furry friends inside, especially the oldest, and youngest thumbs. >> a good rule of them is if you don't want to be outside, your pets don't want to be
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outside. this is a very vulnerable time for pets with short air. >> reporter: a bed warmer you pop in the microwave keeps your pet toasty for hours. tonight is probably going to be a three dog night. live in walnut creek, ken wayne, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> ahead of tonight's cold weather, the homeless alliance ministry handed out free blankets to the homeless. about 150 people lived in this homeless catch in a ravine. those who stay there say the recent cold nights have been brutal. one woman says she won't go to a shelter. instead, she's getting through the bitter cold as best she can. >> very cold. especially when you're walking down, you can feel the temperature drop. it gets ice cold to where your fingers hurt with gloves on.
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>> shelters say in the winter months there are only between 800, and 1,000 beds available each night. new video tonight of a big rig accident in hayward that could have been much worse if it wasn't for a quick thinking driver. it happened shortly after 7:00 tonight, when the driver of the truck said he was experiencing a medical problem. he intentionally drove toward a wall on witten avenue, rather than into traffic. the truck ended up wedged between the wall and a power pole. police say they were waiting for pg and e as a precaution before towing it away. the driver was conscious when he was taken away to the medical center. a new call for help solving a deadly hit-and-run accident on interstate 80 in richmond. amber lee is live at the scene with the message from the victim's father. >> reporter: julie the accident
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happened here near the solano exit. still looking for the driver who hit the man and didn't stop. tonight, chp is talking to people who knew the victim it to put together what he did during the last 24 hours of his life. 32-year-old nathaniel robinson senior was killed not long after midnight on thanksgiving night. his father tells us, nathaniel had called him shortly before the accident. >> as always, he and i laughed and talked about a lot of different things. >> reporter: jack robinson says it appears his son was headed to his girlfriend's home. he was driving his maroon buick, when he struck the median wall for some unknown reason. after the collision, the chp says robinson got out of his car and tried to cross several lanes of traffic to get to the shoulder of the road, but the driver struck him and took off. after that, robinson was hit by two other drivers who said at the scene. the chp says it doesn't have a
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description of the driver or the vehicle that person was driving. >> there could even be blood, or pieces of clothing on that vehicle which would indicate that it hit a pedestrian. >> my emotions are a roller coaster. >> reporter: robinson's father described nathaniel as the perfect son. the biotech worker is described as responsible and loving. >> i know it's a scary situation, but just, have a heart. you know? come forward. >> reporter: he says he raised nathaniel as a single father himself and hopes now to raise his grandson, nathaniel jr., now that his son is gone. amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. a bicyclist who was struck and killed by an suv in san jose has been identified as a
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17-year-old high school student. authorities say anthony garcia was hit at about 7:00 last night near brannen lane and vista park drive. he was a student at foothill high school and well liked there. counselors will be at the school tomorrow. police say the man and woman in the toyota suv are cooperating with the investigation. this was the 25th fatality involving a cyclist, or pedestrian in san jose this year. continuing coverage now as b.a.r.t. suffers another major problem. this time, it was a brake issue that filled a train with smoke and forced it to stop in the middle of the hills. jana katsuyama here with cell phone video inside that train. jana has also talked with b.a.r.t. and tells us what she learned from them. >> reporter: we're at the mcarthur b.a.r.t. station and i'm learned the
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train has parked in what they call a pocket track, or a sidetrack north of the station. they don't plan to move it until 2:00 or 3:00 a.m., to avoid any other disruptions on what really has been a day of delays. passengers breathe during the evening commute. many hoping they wouldn't face what happened this morning, when a ten car train from pittsburg going 70 miles an hour, suddenly screeched to a halt in a tunnel in berkely hills. an electrical short caused the emergency brake to deploy. >> very scary. pitch black, and you smell smoke, and it's just getting heavier and heavier. >> reporter: video showed people covering their mouths as the smell of brake dust filled the cars. after an hour, when the train
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finally pulled in, medics treated 11 patients. 9 were taken to hospitals. >> some people were having trouble breathing. >> there's a lot of people crying right now. i need to go, because i need to walk around and get my mind off of this for a minute. >> reporter: the problem caused long delays in the system. tonight, b.a.r.t. officials said the car with the brake failure is 40 years old. >> there used to be a huge problem about a decade ago, but they did some fixes to the brake box. now it it only happens very rarely. unfortunately today. >> reporter: tonight i'm told that b.a.r.t.'s chief maintenance officer is estimating it could take at least a day before they could pinpoint exactly what caused that electrical short in the brake system. jana katsuyama, ktvu, channel 2 news. passengers we talked to today were split on whether this incident and other issues with b.a.r.t. are making them think twice
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about riding b.a.r.t. >> kind of anxiety taking b.a.r.t. like you can't rely on it. >> these accidents don't happen very frequently. >> some passengers onboard the train complained saying there was no communication early on. b.a.r.t. says drivers want to give every detail they can, but sometimes the information isn't available at that very moment. however, the train operator did know it was a brake issue, not a fire. some passengers say no announcements about that were made. the driver did eventually go car to car and opened some doors for ventilation. rescue workers expanded their search for a missing plane piloted by a san jose man who was last seen on sunday. he was flying with family members over idaho. this is video of today's search in the snowy, sparsely populated mountains. searchers used infrared radar to look for anomalies in ground temperature that may indicate
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metal. an emergency beacon was not heard today. smith's daughter and her fiance, and his son and his wife were on the beech bonanza plane. "the washington post" is reporting the nsa is gathering nearly 5 billion records a day on the whereabouts of cell phones overseas. that would include americans who are abroad. although the post says that it is not deliberate. the nsa collects the information to look for patterns of terror suspects. the story in the post comes from documents that were leaked by former nsa contractor edward snowden. accused of killing a man over a playstation. >> this was a christmas time predator. >> what prosecutors say happened right before the deadly encounter. >> i just told you about the freezing temperatures. coming up, i'll lay
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a daring burglar caught in the act. as you saw there, the video is crystal clear and police are hoping someone will recognize the suspect. >> maureen naylor is live now in fremont, with the priceless items stolen that neighbors say is just heartbreaking. >> reporter: frank and julie, $2,000 is the estimated value of what was stolen in the home here in the 4100 block of
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eggers drive. neighbors tell us, the burglar unknowingly got away with the last memories of a deceased relative. his first catch ray angle, watch the lower side of the street. >> this is the bedroom of the home. >> he quickly spots the camera, and moves it. but the surveillance footage from this past saturday doesn't end there. take a look at this second camera. you see the peculiar wearing a gray shirt pants and tennis shoes start rifling threw belongings. within a minute's time is off to another part of the house, which is currently uner construction. among the items taken, a printer, men's clothing, and two cameras. >> we are pretty much surprised at the daytime robbery. >> reporter: it's what's on those cameras that neighbors say is invaluable. they say the homeowner's father
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recently passed away. >> the pictures in the camera was more important to him. it's his memories about his dad. he was not worried about the camera itself. but it had some of the pictures he did not download into his computer. >> reporter: police released the pictures today, hoping someone will recognize this man. >> we know we have a really good chance of identifying the suspect. >> she saw it on facebook. >> yes. >> reporter: she says her daughter saw the video posted online. she says her brother's house in fremont was also recently victimized. >> they actually just broke the whole front door. kicked the front door in in the middle of the day and stole electronics. >> reporter: fremont police say just this afternoon they got a tip identifying the man in these photos from last week from a separate home burglary on addison court. maureen naylor, ktvu, channel 2 news. san mateo police are asking
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for your help in identifying a man who is responsible for a pair of violent robberies. take a look. investigators released this sketch of the suspect. police say he hit two women and stole their purses in two separate robberies. both incidents happened last week. police say a 24-year-old woman was robbed last tuesday and a 40-year-old woman was robbed at a nearby bus stop on 9th and el camino real on thanksgiving. the young man accused of killing another young man over a video game consol made his first court appearance today. as david stevenson tells us, prosecutors also revealed today that the victim pleaded for his life. just before the gunman pulled the trigger. >> reporter: the family of the 22-year-old had little to say as they headed to court to face the man accused of killing him over a video game consol. >> a human being losing his life over a playstation 4. i think that's very, very
11:18 pm
disturbing. >> reporter: prosecutors say ronnie collins of san francisco responded to an instagram ad posted by the girlfriend advertising the sale of a sony playstation 4. prosecutors say collins pointed a gun through an open window as they sat in a car. >> the defendant said no, and pointed the gun back down at him. shot him in each arm, and twice in the lower abdomen. >> reporter: prosecutors say police used the instagram exchanges to track down collins. he faces one murder, and two robbery charges. bail was set today at $5 million. >> this was a christmas time predator. if you think about what occurred there, the very antithesis of the season of giving. >> reporter: he says he will fight to get a fair trial. >> we don't need name calling. peopling about demonized before they have a chance to sit in
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front of a jury. >> reporter: the father declined comment after the court hearing. collins arraignment was put off until monday. david stevenson, ktvu, channel 2 news. a former san francisco supervisor is accused of violating the city's lobbiest ordinance. it alleges 70 violations from when the city was weighing fire code revisions. the city attorney office alleges yaki iy lobbied on behalf of his client. wall street closed mostly down today. the dow dropped 24 points extending its decline. a lot of investors are concerned the fed may start to reduce its stimulus buying. one reason is the sign that
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more americans are getting jobs, which reflects growth in the economy. the adp national employment report showed the private sector added 215,000 jobs in november, and that was more than expected. close attention will be paid to the november report, which is due out on friday. it's cold out there right now. check out napa at 24 degrees. i've got a forecast for napa in the area around santa rosa, for overnight lows into the teens. napa could easily get down to 19 degrees tonight. even cooler. walnut creek, 26 degrees. right now, temperatures below freezing. the freeze warning in effect for everybody until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow except san francisco. interestingly enough, we still have light winds out there. these winds, when they die down, it's going to get colder. we're looking for records tomorrow. napa tomorrow could easily crush its record set in 1972. the records of 1972.
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livermore, 24. that breaks a record. oakland could break a record. san francisco could break a record. it is going to be one cold morning tomorrow morning. then on top of that, the next weather system coming in. the latest computer model to time out rain, even snow in your area. a bay area landmark is about to take on a new look. >> first, an update on the kidn i love having a free checked bag
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in order to go visit my family, which means a lot to me. ...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand. we're getting look at a chilling scene caught on surveillance video. police are saying it shows a kidnapping in process. it is a story we first told you about last night at 10:00. investigators say the video is their best clue so far. >> reporter: surveillance video shows an asian man and woman
11:24 pm
fighting over a bag. as the man pulls her away from the transit bus, the woman tells the driver to call police. the driver did, and as we showed last night, it led to a massive air and ground search around the professional center near the bus stop on callabaras boulevard. >> i heard a scream and i saw a man pushing a woman. it looked like he was grabbing her, and she was struggling. i live probably two minutes away from here, and it just makes me scared that it might happen to me one day. >> reporter: police say they're trying to err on the side of caution. continuing to treat the case as a possible kidnapping. >> it could be a domestic situation. it could be boyfriend/girlfriend, it could be many things. it could be a father trying to take his daughter home. >> reporter: the man, asian in his 30s, wearing a black
11:25 pm
jacket, jeans and a dark baseball cap. people who work in the nearby medical complex say they want the burn to come forward. >> maybe it's somebody that we know. >> reporter: police say this video was their best shot at getting some useful information. they acknowledge at this point, none of their leads have panned out. ktvu, channel 2 news. an update now on a story that we brought you last night on a 13-year-old pleasanton girl who had gone missing. tonight, we can tell you, she's back home with her family after she was gone for three days. a family member found the teenager. she left her home sunday morning and was spotted getting into a car with three males. a 10-year-old antioch male who was hit by a car is expected to survive. the accident happened at about 2:00 this afternoon near a and west 15th streets in antioch. the boy suffered head and neck
11:26 pm
injuries, but was conscious and breathing when first responders arrived on the scene. he was airlifted to oakland children's hospital. police say it appears the boy was attempting to run across the street when he was hit by an oncoming car. cal is set to announce the new naming rights deal for the field at memorial stadium. we'll learn tomorrow which company is paying for the rights, and again it's just for the field. financial terms haven't been disclosed, but it will help cal pay off the debt on the $321 million renovation and retrofit of memorial stadium. a massive data breach targeting facebook, yahoo and other usersment plus, the investigation looking into that big google barge and whether the company has the permit to build it. >> hey baby, it's cold outside. so let's go buy a christmas
11:27 pm
tree? >> when else would you pick a christmas tree? >> we're talking to "bay area people" as the temperatures plunge to below freezing. >> and a reminder, you can get kt
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11:29 pm
continuing coverage of that arctic blast. right now in oakland, it's 37 degrees. we were talking about how you can't help but think about the pets, because it's really coal out there. >> and 37 degrees, you're 5 degrees above freezing in downtown oakland. the thing i wanted to point
11:30 pm
out. look at napa, 24 degrees. these are current numbers. it's 26 in walnut creek. freezing in concord. 31 in santa rosa. temperatures over the next few hours are going to plummet. wore going to see temperatures down into the teens. the freeze warning in effect until 9:00 tomorrow morning, and the national warning service extended a freeze warning into tomorrow night. another cold one on thursday night. thank you bill, there is a freeze warning, and yes, it is downright cold outside. joining us from emeryville, she found some people who welcomed the winter like weather. >> reporter: julie, many people shopping here at bay street. they told me the cold weather helps them get more into the holiday spirit. but they said this to me, as they quickly walked past, shivering. shoppers were bundled up at bay street, including this woman, exposing only her face to the
11:31 pm
cold. this woman too, had the right idea. >> i have a vest and a down coat. >> reporter: the bay area's first taste of winter. >> i think it's refreshing. >> when else would you pick a christmas tree? you'd want to do it when it's cold. >> reporter: worker as the wonderland trees, told me despite the plunging temperatures, business has been brisk. >> i love the holidays, i feel it is very fitting. >> reporter: getting a new coat, something she says she definitely needed tonight. >> i heard a new yorker tonight saying this reminds me of new york. >> it's pretty chilly, but this
11:32 pm
makes you know you're alive. >> reporter: we did see a few brave souls out here tonight, some without coats, some with short sleeves. apparently they missed bill martin's forecast. be warned bay area, you'll need to bundle up again tomorrow. ski resorts welcomed new snow. squaw valley sent us this video of the new snow on the slopesment they got 4 inches of fresh powder. alpine meadows saw 7 inches, and resorts are also making their own snow. the forecast calls for 14 inches more on friday and saturday. can keep you on top of of what's going on weather wise, including alerts, and warnings. check out the forecast for your neighborhood as well at any time. tonight, mexican authorities have found the dangerous radioactive material that was stolen along with a truck at gunpoint this week. this was the site where the
11:33 pm
radioactive cobalt was found today. investigators fear that anyone involved in opening that container could die within days. fortunately, the material was found in a rural area, far away from people. the material was used in hospitals for radiation therapy. armed thieves stole the truck monday and made off with the toxic waste. only on 2 tonight, governor jerry brown is getting the highest approval rating as he took office for a second time in 2011. a new ktvu field poll finds 58% of registered voters approve of the job governor brown is doing. while 33% disapprove. brown has not said whether he will seek reelection, voters say they'd prefer him to three potential republican candidates. 9% say they would vote for tim
11:34 pm
donnelly from the inland empire. the island empire, excuse me, in southern california and 3% prefer neil cashkari. a gap ad is sparking controversy. the ad shows the female model touching his turban. >> i don't want my religion to be represented in this way. in a sexy commercial like this. >> organizing a protest planned tomorrow at the gap store in davis. he's calling for gap to pull the ad, but not all sikhs find the ad offensive. some say it wipes away stereotypes and bridges about the community. an investigation is underway into the structure of the google barge docked at treasure island.
11:35 pm
the san francisco bay development commission is looking into whether the tech giant has all the necessary permits to build both the moore and the barge. the executive director of the commission says google told his agency it is in the process of making changes to the barge's design at the request of the coast guard. google has said they're exploring using the barge as an interactive space, where people can learn about new technology. but google added things can change in the future. microsoft's big gates, and facebook's mark zuckerberg are teaming up. they're giving $5 million to bring the internet to public classrooms around the country. the non-profit called education superhighway, says without access to the internet, about 40 million opportunities will be left behind. and the group says most schools are connected, but they lack the high speed connectioned that are needed today. a northern california
11:36 pm
couple has welcomed identical triplets. abby, brin, and laurel were born. what makes them so rare is they were conceived without help from fertility treatments. the chances of nationally occurring identity triplets are between 1 and 1 million, to 1 and 100 million. the girls are expected to go home in a couple of weeks. last night, we told you about a generous mystery tipper. coming up, who may be the man behind tips for jesus. >> laying out the bone chilling temperatures. and when this bay area could bring some snow. >>
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we are learning more tonight about the cause of death for actor paul walker. he was killed in a car crash on saturday afternoon along with his friend, roger rodas. the los angeles county coroner says walker was killed by the impact of the crash and the subsequent fire. rodas was killed by the crash alone. universal has shut down production on the movie that walker was filming at the time of his death. the studio announced today, the 7th installment of the fast and furious is on hold indefinitely. the man charged in the los angeles airport shooting rampage made his first public court appearance today. he is accused of killing a tsa officer and wounding three others. ciancia had a bruise and bandages on his face, he was shot by police during the attack. he faces a possible death
11:40 pm
sentence if he's convicted. next week marks the first anniversary of the massacre at sandy hook elementary. today, the 911 tapes were released. due to the sentencetive nature, we have decided not to air those calls. but dispatchers can be heard calmly telling teachers to take cover. gunshots can be heard in the background of some of those calls. if you want to listen to the 911 tapes, we have posted them on our website. look for the national news section of the fbi is asking for your help to find a female bank robber who is being called the sports cap bandit. the woman is believed to have robbed two banks in menlo park. during each robbery, police say the suspect said that she had a gun and gave the teller a note demanding money. this picture was taken at the bank of the west on santa cruz avenue on october 29. anyone with information on who
11:41 pm
this person is asked to contact the fbi. a silicon valley blog claims to know the identity of that mystery man, delighting waiters by handing out those big tips in the valley and beyond. reporting the tipper is former pay pal check jack sellby. they are signed tips for jesus. give a coat, warm a heart. that's the theme to mark the nearly 5 months since a 2-year- old girl disappeared off the streets of oakland without a trace. daphne webb was report the missing by her father on july 12. john webb told officers someone took his daughter from his suv when he left the child with his elderly mother who suffers from dementia. this sunday, the family is holding a coat exchange. the exchange is to be held at
11:42 pm
the emmanuel temple church at 906th street in vallejo. they'll be accepting new, and used coats, and donating them to those in need. nearly 2 million social media passwords stolen and put on the internet. how did a subaru... ...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand.
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the first nba game in mexico in 16 years had to be postponed because smoke started to pour into the basketball arena. the facility was evacuated about 45 minutes before tip-off between the minnesota timberwolves and the san antonio spurs. an nba spokesman says the snow came from a generator. the game will be made up, not in mexico, but in minnesota at
11:45 pm
a later date. millions of facebook, twitter, and g mail users have had their accounts compromised in a massive worldwide data breach. how the hackers obtained the log in information and what they plan to do with it. >> reporter: your password might be hidden from the guy taking a picture of the computer screen, but there's new information security firm trust wave noticed the passwords were online in a site in russian. >> the key logs everything. >> reporter: in just a few minutes, he showed us how it's done. tracking every key stroke of an
11:46 pm
infected user. >> find credit cards, every single email you've ever typed. ever single message you're sent. >> reporter: the biggest mistake? using the same password over and over. it appears computers may have been attacked by hackers using malware scraped directly from their web browsers. bailer says there's no telling how much damage has already been done. >> the question is, how old is the data? >> reporter: we also heard back from google today which referred us to resources for better protecting your passwordment among the millions of passwords stolen? the most common? 123456. in sunnyvale, eric rasmussen. the san jose city council
11:47 pm
has approved a lease agreement with signature flight. the majority of the 29-acre project will be used to operate airplanes of google executives. the city says the project will bring $1.3 million a year to the city coffers while the project is under construction and at least double that when it's finished. a judge has ruled grass fields at the western end of the park are going to be replaced with turf. the recreational park department says artificial turf is easier to maintain. three paintings by norman rockwell sold for $57 million at auction. well above the estimated
11:48 pm
prices. the staying grace went for $47 million. it shows a woman and a boy saying grace in a crowded diner, and drawing the attention of others. it's real cold out there now. it's going to be very cold tomorrow morning. daytime highs tomorrow, these were the numbers from today. daytime highs tomorrow are going to be much cooler. so like today, we had 48 in antioch. i think most bay area cities, or half of them at least will be in the upper 40s, and low 50s. so a cooler day tomorrow. we've been pointing out all along, these very cool temperatures, actually cold. napa easily into the teens tonight. you're going to see frost. a freeze warning for the entire bay area except san francisco, but you could see frost in san francisco. you can see frost throughout the bay area. in the inland bay valleys, a hard freeze warning in effect. hard freeze warning, it's going to be below freezing for a
11:49 pm
number of hours in the central valley. forecast overnight lows are down. 20 in fairfield. 19 in napa. 23 in concord. these are significantly cold temperatures. cover the plants. if you have pets that you're concerned about, elderly pets as well, certainly, we worry about the homeless people on nights like this. this is the night to worry. it is very cold, not just inland, but in the urban areas. san francisco tonight is going to get down into the 30s. maybe mid-30s, in some places, in parts of san francisco. so the computer model does this. that's why it gets so cold. keeps it clear all the day tomorrow. look what shows up friday morning. now the cold air is in place. moisture slides in. and it will trigger off snow flurries. around lake county, you're going to see snow flurries. snow flurries on the bay area peak. in the lake tahoe area, winter weather advisory, maybe over a
11:50 pm
foot of snow over this period. and snow levels there in the foothills, 1,000 feet. maybe even lower. so really a cold storm, then it clears out. tomorrow morning, record cold. as we head into tomorrow afternoon highs like these, upper 40s. san jose 49 degrees. that's the daytime high. that looks like an overnight low. you're going to need jackets all day tomorrow. the kids are going to need jackets. on top of that, the national weather service is going to reissue that freeze warning for the bay area. there's the five-day forecast with the bay area weekend in view. you can see that chance of showers over friday. a little bit friday and saturday morning. i'm trying to remember a time when i could remember it being this cold this early. a place like walnut creek, 26 degrees at 11:00 at night. >> you go outside, it's like pow. >> we haven't had it for a long time. santa is paying his annual
11:51 pm
visits to the peninsula humane society to help homeless animals. they can bring cats and dogs to burlingame to get a be picture with santa. if you missed today's visit, don't worry. santa will return this coming saturday, and the following saturday as well. no reservations are required. here's one thing you do need to know. you have to bring your own camera to take the pictures. >> looks like a good deal. joe is here now. a lot of people talking about this weekend's big game. >> it's going to be a big one. not playing for first place in the nfc west, but there is plenty at stake. the 49ers need to prove they're a different team against seattle than they were in week 2 of this season. that was a 29-3 seahawks win. seattle's second straight against the 49ers at centurylink field. two of the highlights for the seahawks that night.
11:52 pm
jim harbaugh was in full game mode. even drawing from a historical american icon. >> if this doesn't fire up the fans, then what does? i suppose abraham lincoln riding across the field with a frock and a top hat, riding a horse, waving an american flag. i doubt that would fire them up if this game doesn't fire them up. the people that really love football would be fired up by this match up. one other bit of nfl news today, pittsburgh steelers coach, mike tomlin was fined by the league for this incident on thanksgiving night, baltimore's jacoby jones was returning a kickoff, and veered away from tomlin. tomlin getting a little chuckle out of the close call, but it will end up costing him $100,000. the second highest fine an nfl coach has ever received. the steelers could still be subject to losing a draft choice.
11:53 pm
we'll talk college football when this wednesday night [ female announcer ] i like to mix things up a bit with grands mini pot pies. only four ingredients. and a few easy steps. weeknight dinner in a flash. and my family devours them. pillsbury grands biscuits. make dinner pop. guys... [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls, with cinnabon cinnamon, are an irresistible sunday morning idea. nothing calls them to the table faster. make breakfast pop!
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the country's number 1 college basketball team is no longer undefeated. roy williams and north carolina at michigan state. tom izzo's team 7-0, but something had to give. the offensive boards for the tar heels, and the put back. in the 2nd half, carolina asserted itself. the tar heels run the floor
11:57 pm
here marcus paige gets the hoop. williams now 7-0 against michigan state. stanford plays arizona state in the pac-12 championship game. this will not be the first meeting of the two. back in september, stanford ran to a 39-7 lead over the sun devils, before hanging on for dear life and winning 42-28. arizona state has won its last 7 games. >> things are going well. we're executing, and asu played good ball. arizona coming off a big one from oregon. it's going to be a good pac-12 championship. lots to be decided in college football on saturday all across the country. >> that guy is well spoken. >> went to stanford. >> what do you know? thank you. thank you for choosing ktvu, channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> the ktvu morning news begins at 4:30, they'll be tracking
11:58 pm
the overnight temperatures. you can follow us anytime on twitter, facebook, and all the ktvu apps. thanks for joining us tonight. ♪ [ music ]
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> justin bieber is a little princess who needs to clean up his mess. >> i have a message for pop princess justin bieber. >> mayor threatening bieber. >> two choices -- come back and clean up your mess or come back and sing at the mayor's christmas carol. >> if you don't do either -- >> i don't have anything to say. >> we have good old g


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